Delivering solutions
through innovation

Our environment is evolving faster than ever before. Our ability to deliver sustainable and profitable growth hinges on our ability to pre-empt and act on the megatrends and deliver the right product to the consumer at the right time.

Sales from value added products (` Crore)

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New products


Reduction in Co2 emissions
(ECOPact – the Green Concrete)

Our approach to innovation

Our building solutions enhance durability of constructions and are environmentally compliant. This is in line with our overall sustainability commitment. At a time when physical proximity to customers was a challenge, our digital presence facilitated constant engagement with customers to know their side of the story and enrich the solutions they need.

Unveiling possibilities

We have recently added several new products that have widened our portfolio of value added and eco-friendly varieties of cement and concrete for special and customised applications. These have received favourable market acceptance.


New-age solutions help attain higher quality standards

Our solutions are now an important part of several landmarks across India. Due to its ability to dissipate heat, ACC Thermofillcrete, our newly launched product, was the preferred solution for a greenfield airport, as normal concrete failed to dissipate the heat from the power conduits.

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Reaching out and deepening connect

The foundation for construction in areas with high-water table needs to be made carefully, so that the groundwater does not exert pressure on the foundation or cause dampness in future.

We have brought to the market ACC Suraksha NX Antiwashout Concrete, a high-performance anti-washout concrete, which enables customers to pour the concrete without worrying about the high-water table in their foundation. The innovative product mix maintains ...

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ECOPact – Making a #PositiveImPACT

The ready mix concrete division launched a new low carbon range of concrete: ECOPact – the Green Concrete for high-performing, sustainable and circular construction. With ECOPact, we are equipped to make a #PositiveImPACT on our community of builders and on every Eco-conscious home builder. The innovative manufacturing process of the ECOPact range reduces CO2 emissions by up to 100% and further enhances our sustainable offerings for the construction industry.

Investing in digital capabilities

During the reporting period, we continued to invest in digital assets to step up the level of automation in our operations. Artificial Intelligence, big data, cloud, and systems integration are some of the new technology horizons that we are currently focusing on. During the year, we worked on the following:

1Strengthening online presence through websites, social media campaigns and other digital mediums

2Introduced real-time journey visibility and tracking

3Integrated dashboards and in-time data for key insights into our business

4Improved workforce mobility through digital tools

5Deployed smart assets with sensors, tracking devices and real-time communications both internally and for our customers

6Enforced integrated planning and workforce management, which enabled optimisation and key efficiencies in the business for planning and scheduling to best meet demand