Health & Safety

Health & Safety (H&S) of employees and all stakeholders is an overarching value at ACC. It is a vital part of ACC’s journey towards Sustainable Development. There is a continuous effort to measure and improve Safety Management Systems to avoid accidents.

Health & Safety

Some Health & Safety initiatives undertaken at our Plants:

  • Extensive use of Health & Safety signages, posters, brochures and mailers
  • Monthly Safety Gate Meetings
  • Nomination of Zone leaders
  • Contractor Safety Management systems
  • Fatality Prevention Elements
  • Online H & S systems
  • Safety Observation Tours (SOT) conducted by line managers
  • Behavioural Safety Training programmes for workers at all Plants
  • Incident investigations for all incidents including near misses (with potential for injuries). The findings and recommendations are shared across the company
  • Logistics safety excellence.
  • SaveKidsLives to support road safety for children


OUR Health & Safety VISION

We manage our activities in a responsible manner to avoid causing any harm to the health and safety of our employees, contract personnel and visitors.

We apply Health & Safety standards and guidelines; provide the necessary resources, training and education and measure performance for continuous improvement.

Health & Safety Policy (English) PDF 
Health & Safety Policy (Hindi) PDF
HEalth & Safety RULES 

Rule 1: I assess and control risks before starting any task

Rule 2: I only perform activities for which I am authorized

Rule 3: I never override or misuse health and safety devices, and I always use the required PPE.

Rule 4: I do not work under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Rule 5: I report all incidents

Living by these rules is a condition of employment.

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