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Executive Committee

The Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director oversees day-to-day working and operations of the Company. He is assisted by the Executive Committee (ExCo) which includes the functional heads of Finance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Human Resources and Procurement. The ExCo is responsible and accountable for overall business deliverables.


Mr Neeraj Akhoury

Mr Neeraj Akhoury

Managing Director & CEO

Mr Neeraj Akhoury is Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer and a Non Independent Director.


Mr Sunil K Nayak

Chief Financial Officer

Sunil Nayak is Chief Financial Officer at ACC. He is responsible for finance function, which includes Corporate Finance...


Mr Philip Mathew

Chief Manufacturing Officer

Philip Mathew is the Chief Manufacturing Officer at ACC, with more than 30 years of rich and diverse experience...


Mr Behram Sherdiwala

Chief People Officer

Behram Sherdiwala heads the Human Resources function at ACC...



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