Ready Mixed Concrete Value Added Products

We were the first to introduce Ready Mixed Concrete in India, but our pioneering efforts do not stop there. The quest for customer excellence motivates Ready Mixed Concrete to engage in a continuous process of product development that is customer oriented leading to the introduction of a host of new products, services and solutions.

Our product range at ACC Ready Mixed Concrete provides one stop solutions from small basic requirements to higher grades of concrete to build the country’s tallest structures.

ACC Ready Mixed Concrete is armed with a wide portfolio of new Value Added Products Solutions for different applications, all tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

What’s more we have the backing of the company’s vast and competent cement sales network which can be leveraged to target the retail segment.

ACC Concrete Value


High strength concrete which offers significantly higher strength than traditional concrete and finds applications in structures such as columns, beams, slabs, bridges. Generally with specified strength of above 60 MPa allowing significant reduction of structural component sizes and therefore the amount of concrete used is also significantly less. Hence it is economical for use in high-rise buildings.


Is self compacting concrete which is used in structures wherein congested reinforcement is required. This reduces manpower costs and compaction is not required.


For quick road solutions available in two variants UTWT 24 and UTWT 8. UTWT 24 is used to build roads which can be thrown open to traffic within 24 hours and UTWT 8 is used for road repair works wherein roads can be opened to traffic within 8 hrs.


Unique variety which is stamped for making surfaces decorative. It can be designed on walls, slabs, landscapes, parking areas using concrete grades from M20 to M40 compressive strength. The final appearance resembles natural materials like paver-blocks, stone and wood.


Is designed to gain high-strength within few days, this variety of concrete has self-levelling features. It is suitable for use in projects which need to be completed within a short span of time. The product can be engineered to gain desired strength at required age.


Is a temperature controlled concrete with placement temperatures much below ambient temperatures and can be designed as low as 25 degree celcius and/or as per Client’s requirement. Temperature controlled concrete is necessary to prevent the rise of internal temperature of the concrete beyond specified limits for mass concrete or large pours, such as thick slabs, beams and columns.


Is light weight concrete which is 50-75% lighter than normal concrete. It has thermal insulating properties & sound insulation. ACC Feathercrete concrete has improved thermal properties, reduced structural loading and fire resistant.


Is a concrete containing fibrous material which increases its structural integrity mainly tensile strength when compared to normal concrete. Fibers in concrete also help in controlling minor shrinkage cracks which usually occurs during the process of Hydration.



"ACCOPLAST-Dry Mortar Bag" is used for all masonry works & general purpose plastering works. It is widely used for external/internal plastering of walls, all brick/block masonry works and for any general purpose as repair mortar.



“ACCOFix - Thin Bed jointing Mortar Bag” is used for all masonry works in jointing of blocks. It is widely used for External/Internal block walls, all Special Brick/Block masonry works or acoustic separating / Partition walls / Flanking walls.


VALUE ADDED PRODUCTS WHICH give additional benefit of Sustainable Construction:


Environment friendly concrete which is permeable and hence permits seepage of water through itself, thus improving ground water table and avoiding water logging.


An environment-friendly, high performance, durable concrete, designed to build sustainable structures and protect the environment.

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