Sustainable Construction

ACC is concerned with the environmental impacts of its products. The most significant ways this concern is exhibited is through its utilization of waste by-products such as fly ash and slag to manufacture blended cements which help conserve limestone resources. ACC promotes sustainable construction in other ways such as by implementing environment-friendly projects of its own and by advocating the use of concrete to build India’s roads.



Green Buildings

Green Buildings

A Green Building is defined by the Indian Green Building Council as one which uses less water, optimizes energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building. ACC has accomplished four instances of environment-friendly buildings.

Cement House

Our corporate headquarters in Mumbai, now more than 73-years old, was transformed into an energy-efficient green building. While retaining the graceful façade, the interiors have metamorphosed into a contemporary workplace. In April 2010, Cement House received the Gold Shield from Indian Green Buildings Council in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design under New Construction and Major renovation category.

La Residency Hostel

La Residency at Thane, a 45 year old Y shaped apartment block was retrofitted and converted into a modern hostel complex for participants of ACC’s modern learning centre. Though no significant civil alterations were made to the building, the refurbishment highlights the unique geometry of its original architecture.

La Residency Hostel
ACC Chanda Central Control Room
ACC Chanda Central Control Room

The Central Control room (CCR) building of the new Chanda cement plant in Maharashtra is designed as an energy efficient building based on Green Building principles. This three storied building with a floor area of 2000 square metres sits on a plot measuring about 7800 square metres which is itself landscaped as a Green Certified Open area. Built with environment friendly products and techniques, it used a high proportion of recycled and locally available building material and accessories while the main structure itself was constructed with Fly-ash based cement and fly ash bricks.

GRIHA Council's Green Product Certification and Enlistment

ACC’s entire range of blended cement products such as ACC Suraksha, ACC Concrete Plus, ACC Gold, ACC F2R, ACC HPC are certified and enlisted in GRIHA’s green product catalogue.

GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) is a national green rating system of India conceived by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India. The GRIHA Council has developed a Green Product Catalogue providing all necessary information on green building products available in the country.

ACC's blended cement products have undergone evaluation based on various third-party test results, benchmarks, and environmental certifications, among other criteria. This evaluation was successfully completed by the GRIHA Council for all of ACC’s blended cements manufactured across the country, encompassing all plants and geographical units.

GRIHA Council
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