Corporate Social Responsibility

ACC was the very first recipient of India's first ever CSR award instituted by ASSOCHAM in 1976 which was the ASSOCHAM National Award for outstanding performance in promoting rural and agricultural development activities. Today we have one of the country’s leading CSR engagements. ACC’s earliest initiatives in community development date back to the 1940's – long before the term corporate social responsibility was even coined. In 1952 the company launched its Village Welfare Scheme, as a full-fledged function at the corporate office and all its cement plants with a large team comprising social scientists, teachers, medical personnel, civil engineers and experts in agriculture, sanitation and crafts.

In keeping with this tradition, the company has a team of young CSR specialists based at our corporate office and factories who serve the neighbouring community that comprises the weaker sections of rural and tribal India to provide them some access to basic amenities, health, education and livelihoods.

CSR Updates

We share news of various activities at each of our locations, our achievements and relevant important developments with our key stakeholders through a quarterly newsletter update that we publish called "Together for Communities". Recent issues :

COVID-19 relief efforts+ -

Sanitisation drive+ -

Like many other villages across the country, the current lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the lives of many, including over 13,000 inhabitants of Dehlan, the largest village of Himachal Pradesh. To help protect local communities against the pandemic, ACC TRUST joined hands with the local village authorities of Dehlan, to sanitize the entire village comprising ~250 households. ACC TRUST is also distributing food packets of essential items such as pulses, oil and sugar to help people in the village to tide over the crisis.


Extending support to migrant workers+ -

India’s three-week lockdown to stop the contagion of COVID-19 has badly impacted migrant workers who live far away from their families. ACC is providing fuel wood to brick kiln labourers stranded in Medersara village in Chattisgarh, working alongside the local gram panchayat which is making food arrangements for the labourers. Every single one of us has to play our part in the fight against COVID-19 and ACC is committed to do its bit.

Protecting frontline workers+ -

Hundreds of women are working round-the-clock to produce face-masks for frontline workers fighting COVID-19 across the country. As India is facing an acute shortage of face-masks, ACC TRUST has stepped in and engaged its associate Self Help Grops (SHGs) across its countrywide ecosystem to produce three-layered face-masks that are the need of the hour. Over the years, ACC' s alternative livelihood DISHA centres have trained thousands of women in local communities in vocational skills such as industrial tailoring and encouraged them to form Self-Help Groups (SHGs). Now, to protect workers who are fighting on the frontlines, ACC is using this network of trained women to produce much-needed masks for local municipalities, santitation workers, vegetable vendors and those who are providing essential services. It also helps them contribute to the household income at a time when other family members are not going out to work. ACC TRUST has produced and dispatched ~ 23,000 triple-layered masks thus far, and in the next few days, another 20,000 masks will be ready for dispatch.


Educating about social distancing+ -

At Khushberiya and Simatand villages in Sindri, Jharkhand, ACC volunteers are walking through the villages with microphones to educate and create awareness on COVID-19 among villagers. Social distancing can reduce India's cases of COVID-19 by up to 62%, says an Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) study. Most of ACC's 17 manufacturing units are located in rural areas and our teams are taking the lead to educate neighbouring communities and villages through tele-calling, mobile vans with loud-speakers, posters etc on the immediate need for social distancing, the importance of personal sanitation and respiratory hygiene. ACC has covered ~93 villages in 11 states and the teams are reaching out to many more.


Serving food, love and empathy+ -

We are so proud of our ACC volunteers who are distributing food and provisions to people affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. The lockdown has brought daily life to a grinding halt, disrupted supply chains and made it difficult for migrant labour and communities to secure essential commodities. To ensure that no one goes hungry, ACC TRUST volunteers have distributed more than 10,000 packets of provisions and food across the country so far, and are reaching out to many more.


Supporting vulnerable communities + -

Wadi in Karnataka's Gulbarga district has rich limestone and sahabad stone mines that attract workers from across the country in search of seasonal livelihood opportunities. The nationwide lockdown on account of COVID-19 and lack of daily wages have adversely affected these workers, forcing them to take shelter in public areas with inadequate basic facilities. We are proud of our ACC volunteers who visited the workers and provided assistance – from ACC's Chief Medical Officer who conducted the primary health screening and educated them on hygiene, social distancing and staying safe during the pandemic, to providing shelter and necessary facilities at ACC colony in Wadi. While they are being quarantined, these volunteers are providing food and provisions as well as basic necessities. ACC is committed to supporting vulnerable communities during this crisis.

Supporting communities in distress+ -

Today, hundreds of thousands of labourers across the country are stranded far away from home on account of the lockdown ACC and Ambuja Cements have collectively contributed Rs.3.30 crore to three NGOs - Goonj, Praja Foundation and Mumbai Roti Bank, to provide food and ration kits to daily-wagers and migrant labour stranded due to the lockdown. Our teams of volunteers are also on ground distributing food and provisions to migrant labourers in areas near our operations. We are committed to playing our part in supporting those most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and supporting communities in distress.

CSR Newsletters+ -

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Community Counts+ -

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Community Counts - Annual Collection of Case StudiesPDF  

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Community Counts - Annual Collection of Case StudiesPDF  

CSR Media Coverage+ -

2018+ -

September+ -

Malayalam Manorama - ACC extends help to flood victims, 6 SeptemberPDF  
The Hindu (Metro Plus), 6 SeptemberPDF  
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August+ -

The Times of India, 31 AugustPDF  
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July+ -

ACC Arogyam, Installation of water towers, Chaibasa, Prabhat Khabar, 12 JulyPDF  
ACC Arogyam, Installation of water towers, Chaibasa, Dainik Jagaran, 12 JulyPDF  
ACC DISHA, Avaaz, 04 JulyPDF  
ACC DISHA, Dhanbad, Hindustan, 04 JulyPDF  
ACC DISHA, Sindri, Aj, 04 JulyPDF  
ACC DISHA, Sindri, Dainik Bhaskar, 04 JulyPDF  
ACC DISHA, Sindri, Dainik Jagran, 04 JulyPDF  
ACC DISHA, Sindri, Khabar Mantra, 04 JulyPDF  
ACC DISHA, Sindri, Prabhat Khabar, 04 JulyPDF  
Football tournament, Sindri, Aj, 04 JulyPDF  
Football tournament, Sindri, Avaaz, 04 JulyPDF  

June+ -

ACC Ahead, Kudithini, Vishwavani, 29 JunePDF  
ACC Sampoorna Swachhata, Barmana, Ajit Samachar, 28 JunePDF  
ACC Sampoorna Swachhata, Barmana, Jagmarg, 28 JunePDF  
ACC Sampoorna Swachhata, Barmana, Dainik Savera, 28 JunePDF  
ACC Sampoorna Swachhata, Barmana, Dainik Nyay Setu, 28 JunePDF  
ACC Sampoorna Swachhata, Barmana, Himachal dastak, 28 JunePDF  
ACC Sampoorna Swachhata, Barmana, Aap ka Faisla, 28 JunePDF  
ACC Sampoorna Swachhata, Barmana, Punjab Kesari, 28 JunePDF  
International Yoga Day, Jamul, Navbharat Times, 24 JunePDF  
International Yoga Day, Jamul, Navbharat Times, 21 JunePDF  
Jamul, Navbharat Times, 21 JunePDF  
Vidya Utkarsh, Jamul, Navbharat Times, 10 JunePDF  
ACC Swavalamban, Sindri, Dainik Jagran, 06 JunePDF  
World Environment Day, Sindri, Prabhat Khabar, 05 JunePDF  
Swacchata Pakhwaada, Kymore, Dainik Madhya Pradesh, 04 JunePDF  
Swacchata Pakhwaada, Kymore, Desh Bandhu, 04 JunePDF  
Swacchata Pakhwaada, Kymore, Patrika, 04 JunePDF  
Drawing Competition, Kudithini, Prajavani, 03 JunePDF  
Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Gagal, Dainik Bhaskar, 02 JunePDF  

May+ -

Kudithini, Andhra Jyothy, 31 MayPDF  
Road Safety, Kudithini, Sakshi, 31 MayPDF  
Summer Camp, Kudithini, Eenadu, 31 MayPDF  
ACC Arogyam, Gagal, Punjab Kesari, 26 May, Blood Donation campPDF  
Sarankshit Paryavaran, Gagal, Punjab Kesari, 17 MayPDF  
ACC DISHA, Gagal, Dainik Bhaskar, 06 MayPDF  

April+ -

Kudithini, Eenadu, 18 AprilPDF  
Kudithini, Sakshi, 18 AprilPDF  
Swavlamban, Barmana, Ajit Samachar, 14 AprilPDF  
Swavlamban, Gagal, Punjab Kesari, 12 AprilPDF  

March+ -

ACC Arogyam, Prabhat Khabar, 27 MarchPDF  
ACC Vidya Utkarsh, Kymore, Dainik Madhya Pradesh, 25 MarchPDF  
ACC Vidya Utkarsh, Kymore, Desh Bandhu 25 MarchPDF  
ACC Vidya Utkarsh, Kymore, Hari Bhoomi 25 MarchPDF  
ACC Vidya Utkarsh, Kymore, Patrika, 25 MarchPDF  
ACC Arogyam, DNA, 25 MarchPDF  
ACC Swavlamban in Damodhar - Himalaya Darpan, 25 MarchPDF  
ACC DISHA, Kymore, Dainik Madhya Pradesh, 16 MarchPDF  
ACC DISHA, Kymore, Desh Bandhu, 16 MarchPDF  
ACC DISHA, Kymore, Hari Bhoomi 16 MarchPDF  
ACC DISHA, Kymore, Patrika, 16 MarchPDF  
Women's Day, Tikaria, Mahanagar, 13 MarchPDF  
Waste Disposal Madukkarai, March 2018PDF  

February+ -

Learning & Earning Development Project - Backyard Poultry, Kymore, Dainik Bhasker, 25 FebruaryPDF  
Gyan Setu, Kymore, Dainik Bhasker, 16 FebruaryPDF  
Gyan Setu, Kymore, Hari Bhoomi, 16 FebruaryPDF  
ACC Arogyam, Kymore, Dainik Madhya Pradesh, 10 FebruaryPDF  
ACC Arogyam, Kymore, Nai Duniya, 10 FebruaryPDF  
ACC Arogyam, Kymore, Patrika, 10 FebruaryPDF  

ACC is rebuilding lives in Kerala+ -

Watch the story of Susan John. A teacher whose school was left washed out during the Kerala floods. Her indomitable spirit to get the school up and running again is an inspiration for each one of us.YOUTUBE  




ACC has established schools at most of its locations that provide high quality education to children of employees and those from the host communities. In addition, the company also supports schools in the vicinity. Technology aided education initiatives such as Smart Classes and interactive kiosks have been implemented at several ACC locations for enhancing the quality of learning. ACC continues to support Government run ITIs under the Public Private Partnership scheme to upgrade the quality of education which in turn improves the skills and employability of students.

For more information

Women’s Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment

ACC recognizes Women’s empowerment as a priority. The company encourages women to form Self Help Groups (SHGs) in the communities around its plant locations. Members of the SHGs are trained in capacity-building, various individual crafts, marketing skills, accounts, teamwork and other relevant aspects. ACC AHEAD (Association of Health, Education And Development), a voluntary group constituted of ACC employees’ spouses, takes active part in this vocational training.


Health and Sanitation

Health and Sanitation

ACC organizes health camps and mobile van health services for the community around its plants. ACC hospitals complement the local government’s Primary Health Care centres and Community Health Care centres. Anganwadi Centres have been set up at most plant locations. In this way, ACC reaches out to mothers and children with immunization, Ante & Post Natal care and growth monitoring programmes. To promote health and dignity among the communities around our plants, community toilets and toilets for individual households were constructed in a participatory manner.



ACC promotes skill development among the rural youth. Industry needs skilled persons while a large part of the rural youth is unskilled and unemployed. Our CSR programmes connect the youth to high standard skills training institutions, providing partial financial support, wherever necessary as well as extending help in enrolment and in obtaining placement.
Our livelihood and income generation initiatives helped in training and placing youth with various employers. Some of these young men have been provided technical skill training on construction and subsequently placed in suitable jobs.



ACC plays a meaningful role in the nationwide effort to eradicate HIV/AIDS. In close consultation with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the company stepped forward to support the government in battling this important public health issue by adopting a Workplace policy for HIV/AIDS that protects the fundamental human rights of employees who may unfortunately become affected by HIV/AIDS, while also ensuring that these affected persons get proper care and treatment.

The company also set up two Anti Retroviral Treatment Centres for HIV/AIDS treatment – one outside ACC’s Wadi plant in Karnataka and the second at Vellore, Tamil Nadu in partnership with the reputed Christian Medical College. Both ART Centres are run as state-of- the-art treatment centres with all the basic physical infrastructure, medical equipment, laboratory facilities and trained medical and support personnel as prescribed by NACO ART guidelines. They include Voluntary Counselling and Testing centres and are sought to be operated world-class facilities.

Monitoring & Evaluation

The most effective approach to judge the utility of CSR schemes is that which is transparent, participative and based on perceptions of target beneficiaries themselves. We have continuously improved our approach to assess the effectiveness of CSR projects and now use a three-tier monitoring and evaluation mechanism. The first tier is conducted at village level through regular interactions with stakeholders and partner organizations. A larger assessment is made from a regional and thematic perspective. At the national level, periodic reviews by top management, annual internal audits and third party studies enable us to assess progress vis-a-vis our CSR policy and compliance requirements. A summary of the last such study and the parameters used in evaluation are attached.


Social Audit Report+ -

2017+ -

Social Audit Report-2017 PDF  

2016+ -

Social Audit Report-2016 PDF  

2015+ -

ACC Social Audit Executive SummaryPDF  
CSR Score Card 2015PDF  

Impact Assessment Report+ -

Impact Assessment ReportPDF  
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