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Currency and units

As far as possible, all financial values have generally been expressed in millions of Indian Rupees. If required you may convert these numbers to their approximate equivalent value in US dollars using the rate of exchange as prevailing on the date of last updating or as stated otherwise. 

In some cases, numbers or values may be expressed in terms called lakhs or crores. These are Indian numbers popular in the Indian sub-continent. One Lakh (sometimes spelt as lac) refers to one hundred thousand or one tenth of a million while one crore refers to ten million.

India follows the metric system of measurement. The term ‘tonne’ (sometimes written as ‘ton’) refers to a metric tonne or one thousand kilograms.

Stock Prices

The Home Page displays stock prices of the company’s equity share as traded at National Stock Exchange Limited and Bombay Stock Exchange Limited. These are not live numbers but are obtained from Google Finance which involves an inherent time-lag in reporting. Hence the figures displayed may not reflect the correct picture.


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We wish to caution jobseekers and educational institutions at large that ACC Limited, as a policy has a merit based employee selection process. Further, we do not authorise or have appointed external agents to conduct employment drives or extend offers of employment on our behalf. It is also not our policy to charge or collect fees of any kind from educational institutions or from candidates for participation in a recruitment event or to receive offers of employment. 

Any person or organisation dealing with unauthorised parties is doing so at their own risk. ACC Limited is not responsible for any losses (monetary or otherwise) that are incurred as a consequence, nor will it have any obligation to provide employment to anyone under any fraudulent offer letter. 

In order to verify the authenticity of any ACC recruitment event or offer letter, you can visit the official website of ACC Limited at www.acclimited.com and contact the HR representative at the number indicated under Corporate Office.

Customer Care Centre number - 18001033444