ECOPact is a concrete with 30-50% lower embodied carbon content compared to a reference concrete designed with OPC. Our ECOPact products use CO2 reduced ingredients and are with optimized mix designs to reduce their carbon footprint.

ACC EcoPact

Need for ACC ECOPact

As a modern building material, concrete allows you to be creative and sustainable at the same time. The durability of its components and structures, its heat and fire resistance, as well as its strength, are essential aspects with which concrete already scores highly as a construction material. With ECOPact, we now add another dimension, a green element to its performance that will increase its sustainability even more.

  • To be positioned as an industry partner with a vision for a better future
  • To become an active contributor to the conservation of the global environment
  • Provides an opportunity to do something for nature and be a part of the Ecological Agreement
ACC EcoPact

ACC ECOPact Specifications

ACC EcoPact

With a CO2 reduction level between 50-70%, ECOPact PRIME is a technically more demanding product that provides a significantly higher reduction than the general standard available in a given market.

ECOPact Max :
With ECOPact MAX we exploit the technical possibilities to the Maximum and push our technical expertise to offer you this top of the line product with a CO2 reduction greater than 70%.

ECOPact Zero :
This is a unique product representing our carbon-neutral concrete offer. ECOPact ZERO is a combination of concrete technology excellence and climate action. With ECOPact ZERO we give you the opportunity to eliminate the carbon footprint of your concrete and greatly reduce the overall carbon footprint of your concrete structures.

ACC ECOPact Features & Benefits

ACC EcoPact
  • CO2 – reduction
  • Durability
  • ECOPact contributes to a circular economy by closing material cycles
  • Gain green points
  • Will demonstrate equal or better properties than conventional concrete

Areas of Application

Our EcoPact products are suitable for all structural components, from foundations to columns and beams, external or internal walls, driveways, walkways etc. Further applications are technically possible and can be discussed with our concrete technologists.

Our EcoPact concretes can be manufactured throughout India and delivered within the standard delivery radius of the concrete plant.

ECOPact is available in a variety of strength classes and is compliant with the standards. Due to the favourable properties of Supplementary Cementitious Materials [SCM] and the chosen cement types, the ECOPact range will demonstrate comparable or better properties than conventional concrete. Furthermore, it can be handled, pumped and finished like conventional concretes.

With the EcoPact ZERO, we go one step further: We enable full offsetting of process-related CO2 emissions through certified environmental projects. And even better, EcoPact ZERO works for all structural components and allows you to be carbon-neutral in all areas of your building. This is how it works:

  • You order the required type and quantity of EcoPact ZERO based on your specifications.
  • We calculate the carbon footprint of the quantity and recipe ordered.
  • We produce and deliver the desired concrete to the destination.
  • We acquire climate certificates in the amount of the resulting CO2 emissions and pass them on directly to you.
  • You will receive your climate certificate

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